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A shameless ascii based MMORPG Harvest Moon ripoff

Current Phase: Aleph

Claim your land and work your farm. Tend to crops and animals. Breed your animals.

Sell or horde, it's your choice.

Latest Patch Notes

10-27-2018 Release Notes

What was and will be

Some major behind the scenes changes still occurring in HMR land. Some big things though: Crafting and the basis for Relationships are in.

We're REALLY close to a functional Aleph announcement and this means prior to Beth there will be sdv/hm style romancing the NPCs. Of course this is an mmo so you'll have to keep your lovers' interest as other players can try to woo them.

Be mindful this is not like stardew valley, Harvest Moon or Fable where you can just keep cramming desired gifts down your lovers' throat. NPCs will have preferences but some of those preferences will be social and moral in nature and being harassed will not be to everyone's liking.

Aside from that, content will be made soon. This means the town and a large overhaul to personal farms which ALSO means everyone's farms will be wiped out once content is made and regenerated. Everyone can keep their characters and account names but your farm will get deleted and remade anew.


  • Technical: Administrator dashboard is now a lot nicer and has new inline config editing features.
  • Technical: An admin can now lock the entire system down from new registrations or logins under Admin rank.
  • Technical: Gossip control is now in the admin with all configurable values editable live.
  • Feature: Crafting system and command
  • Feature: NPC Personality Matrices

Latest News

Welcome to hmrMUD

Welcome to HMR MUD!

HMR mud is essentially an mmo version of Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley using unicode characters for the "graphics". We are currently in Aleph phase which means everything is extremely rough and at some point data will be wiped.

A short primer

  • Every map is 100x100 tiles.
  • Each tile has a type (dirt, grass, wall, etc) and can contain one item. If you drop an item on a tile it will become unpathable. (you can't walk through it)
  • Tiles can also contain Pathways denoted by a colored dotted border around the tile which can teleport you to another map or a new coordinate in the same map.
  • Mouseover tiles to discover important information about their type, contents and pathways.
  • The primary means of doing things is the Interact command as well as Get and Drop. Try looking at the helps page or using the help command in game for those.

A few key points for current mechanics:

  • Every player gets their own personal Farm map. The farm maps will be linked at coordinate 50,0 on the farm to coordinate 5,99 via a Pathway called "bus stop".
  • Farm maps will soon spawn with randomized debris (rocks, logs, grass) that can be collected via specific interactions and sold (eventually) to merchants in the main town map.
  • The main town map links to every player's farm and will link to every official activity map.
  • There will be a variety of activity maps, notably a cavern, a beach and a forest.

Some future stuff

  • Before the next phase Player Content Generation tools will become available to the point that every player will be able to create their own Maps, tile types, items and NPCs for other players to experience.
  • All Content, including content made by staff, is marked as "needing approval" before becoming publicly visible so don't think you'll be sneaking in profane things.

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